Google updated chrome 51 for Mobiles | Desktops

Google company recently updated most popular browser chrome to 51 for both mobile and desktop systems. users can will be experiencing more features when compared to the older version of chrome. With new version, the performance has increased a lot to give much more faster results. For developers also it’s giving new type of platforms with updated features which gives much more data related to application integration and other web applications purpose. Although, there is recent claim that chrome is eating the laptop charge when compared to other browsers Firefox, Safari, Opera and others but still chrome didn’t affect anything. You can even find more about chrome for windows phone
Google chrome updated to 51 version, Google chrome new version to mobiles and desktop

How to Update Chrome 51 to Android | iPhone | PC

> You just need to download the latest version from google play store, if you haven’t downloaded the previous version.
> If you had previous version, then update the application on google play store settings or through notifications by application.
> Just go to Play store and view your installed applications page. You can view all installed applications with need to be updated and up to date applications on the list.
> If you see “Google chrome” to be updated on the list, click on update to get new version to enjoy more browsing experience.
> You can update in the same way you’ve done for android for other devices iPhone.
For iPhone, you need to update on apple store and complete it by using internet connection.
> After completion, enjoy browsing on google chrome. If you want to try for windows phone, get it from here – download chrome for windows phone
> For Desktops, you need to check the status of browser in settings or your system will intimate regarding update.
We hope definitely anyone can get more experience on surfing through internet by using chrome browser. With the updated version, there are more augmented features which can enhance user query. Hope this article is helped you out. Stick to our website to get more updates related technology.

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